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Fall Hours

Sunday: closed
Monday through Friday 10:00 to 6:00
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
European Market 8:00 to 2:00 through the end of October

420 S. Calumet
Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: (219) 926-EVOO (3866)
Fax: (219) 926-2244


October Cheese of the Month

  • 3-Pepper Colby Jack Cheese (This Cheese is Hot)
  • From Boar's Head
  • Red and Green Jalapeno Peppers, Chipotle Peppers, Green and Orange Habanero Peppers.
  • Gluten Free
  • The texture is firm enough to slice or cube but is also dense and creamy. 
  • This Cheese has a marbled appearance with Colby Jack and the 3 kinds of peppers.
  • Regular $7.99 for 8oz wedge... In October $6.99 for a 8oz wedge 


Boar's Head 3-Pepper Colby Jack Cheese. (Hot) Red & Green Jalapeno Peppers, Chipotle Peppers and Green and Orange Habanero Peppers mixed in a Colby Jack Cheese.  Sold by the wedge.

Boar's Head Chipotle Gouda Cheese (Medium) Chipotle Spices and Jalapeno Peppers in a delicious Gouda Cheese. 

Barrel Aged Feta from Greece.  Sheep and Goat's Milk Cheese From Mt Vikos, hand-crafted mountain cheese.

Dilly Beans from Grannie's Garden and Two Cookin Sisters.  Crisp Green Beans, a little sour with just a little heat. Great on top of salads, a cool side dish or top some cheese and crackers!

Pineapple Chutney with green pepper and slivered almonds.  Spiced up with ginger and garlic.  Great with roast chicken, roast pork and salmon.

Blackberry Jam from Two Cookin Sisters.  Customer requested..wonderful, juicy blackberry chunks in blackberry jam.

We have 2 new mustards.  Colman's Hot Original English Mustard is hard to find!  It's classic hot mustard and delicious.  The second is from Two Cookin Sisters.  Zesty sweet mustard, perfect for dipping pretzels! 

Stash Original Honey Sticks are made from pure clover honey, then sealed in a plastic straw.  Cut open the ends to pour over cheese or enjoy in teas.

From Vosges Haute Chocolat in Chicago:  Mo's Dark Bar with 62% dark Chocolate with Hickory Smoked uncured bacon and Alderwood smoked salt.  Also the famous Woolloomooloo Bar, roasted and salted macadamia nuts, Indonesian coconut, hemp seeds, deep milk chocolate.  YUM!

Oktoberfest Beer from Sam Adam's. Only available for a seasonal short time and we have it!  It is delicious!

Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale from England.  Uniquely the smooth flavor is nutty and delicious!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Roasted Walnut Oil...Our handcrafted Walnut Oil is made in Saumur France strictly following a 150 year old traditional method.  Slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed and lightly filtered.
Athenolia EVOO...The Olives for this oil were hand picked in the Peloponnese and cold pressed to produce this fabulous oil.  It is the crown jewel of Greek Olive oils, loaded with flavor!  Perfect for dipping and salads.

Cobrancosa Early Harvest EVOO from Portuguese Varietals.  It begins with a unique, herbaceous, green aroma followed by savory, ripe olive with lingering pepper.  Rich and smooth, well balanced.  This is unusual & extremely rare.  


Balsamic Vinegar

Red Apple Balsamic...Just in time for fall! Has an enticing aroma and a delicate, sweet apple flavor fruitier taste than most balsamics.  It's a wonderful way of adding aroma and tast to compliment any dish. This outstanding vinegar is the perfect marriage of the tartness of apple and the sweetness of balsamic. 

Pumpkin Spice White Balsamic....Delicate nutmeg, allspice, and sinnamon make this festice white balsamic.  Peel and dice butternut squash, toss liberally with a tablespoon of our Wild Mushroom Olive Oil, a pinch of salt and a dash of black pepper.  Roast 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes, flipping after 15 minutes until tender, gloden brown and carmelized. 

Mango Balsamic Vinegar...Alfoos Mango White Balsamic Vinegar is one of the most sought after fruits in the entire world.  It grows in India and is prized for its creamy, floral notes and sweet juicy flesh. 

Lavender Balsamic Vinegar...This is floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous, our Lavender Balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower.  Great for Chicken or  summer salads.

Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar...This Tangerine vinegar is delicious!  Great for summer salads.  A Blend of 12 and 18 year Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy with added whole fruit Tangerine essence.  A new customer favorite!

Champagne Balsamic Vinegar...This new creation is a masterful pairing of French Champagne vinegar with Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy.  Clean, tart and crisp, with just the right amount of acidity, this vinegar marries the best of the Mediterranean.  Notes:  Pair with our roasted Walnut Oil, for an out of this world combination.